Hole Pics: Not For The Faint Hearted

Soo I was just going through all the pics on my phone while bored in bed (alone) on this long weekend (in Victoria) and it bought something to my attention – boy, do I have a large amount of hole pics on my phone!

But first things first; As a top I appreciate a hot arse pic. Maybe a mirror shot or a side profile or even a jockstrap pic…butt I’m not too sure about “hole pics”.

It might be my fault for displaying on my Grindr profile my preferred role in the bedroom which sees me receive countless hole pics. Some guys just send a hole pic straight up without even saying anything first – how I’m suppose to respond to this, I still have no idea. Until I don’t reply and then they eventually come back with a “wana eat this out?” or “want to fuck this?” message. Sigh.

My first reaction when opening a hole pic is “Holy Shit Fuck, Mother of Christ” and then I quickly close it as fast as I possibly can. Then I may slowly open it again and study the actual photo, not the gapping hole. I ask myself…Who took this photo? Did a random stranger they found on Grindr take it before or after fucking them? Or did they set up their camera in a certain position and put the timer on, then quickly run into position and spread their cheeks waiting for the flash? Or just maybe their lucky gay best friend took it to show support and help them find a root?

And….not to mention I sometimes take a screen shot and send it to all my close friends via whatsapp. Yeah, I might not say anything either, just send the hole pic and let it speak for itself. My friends know to be weary of opening my photos when in a public place! LOL Maybe I’m just as bad as the guys sending them!

Do all “bottoms” have a hole pic? Or is it just a selected few? Bottoms, care to weigh in – have one and want to share it? Tops, do we actually find these hole pics attractive or a turn on? Each to their own I guess but I’m going with the opinion that it’s probably better to leave a little to the imagination and let the top discover your “hole” in person.

Food for thought I guess..


4 thoughts on “Hole Pics: Not For The Faint Hearted

  1. Instant turn off for me and blocking of sender. Don’t get me wrong I love a good arse shot but no one looks good in a close up of their arse, except for maybe a long term lover.
    Porn stars only get away with it through lighting and editing, I want my sexual partners to have some dignity and self respect, and leave me something to look forward to discovering.
    Not everyone has the same idea of what “hot” is, and some sense of manners and day to day common decency, can start a conversation that makes you both comfortable and allows the conversation about your desires to be honest and mutually agreeable. When I look back at some of my long term best ever sexual partners they all started with hi, not them bending over and spreading their cheeks for me, well maybe once, but that was in the 90’s, at a sauna, before the internet. 😉


  2. This makes me laugh. I’m a bottom as you know, but I don’t send hole pictures. Ever. Except that one time I did and instantly regretted it. Since then, never and never will again. I reflected and felt I’d just lost all my self worth, pride and self respect. I refuse to lower myself to that level again. Each to their own but lesson learned.

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