It’s Sydney bitch and…I’m back!

Soo I’ve been back living in Sydney for a few weeks now and it’s going well. Living in Dulwich Hill in the Inner West, my old stomping ground, I’m right near lots of my friends, some within walking distance. I’ve already started a job and left, due to really bad management and lets just say I drank a little too much at my ‘flat-warming’ party and painted my new kitchen a dark red colour, due to myself devouring my favourite beetroot dip with turkish bread a few hours earlier. Ohhh why will I never learn?!

I’ve noticed that a few things have changed – several of my friends now have babies (and I think I want one), Newtown is probably now considered ‘trendy’ instead of ‘alternative’ which just bloody sucks although it was headed in that direction before I left, there’s something called ‘lockouts’ in the CBD, which thankfully doesn’t affect me as I hardly ever party in the city (apparently the laws don’t affect Newtown), and apparently you can’t drive all the way down George Street anymore. Was I really gone that long?

However, I must say that some things haven’t changed – I logged back onto the good-old sex app, Grindr, the other day and what do I see? Yes, the same faces, the same profiles and the same dickheads from two years ago. Instead of having it on my iPhone so I can easily log-on from anywhere I’ve decided to just install it on my iPad which never leaves home. It’s a way for me to limit my browsing time. Limit my Grindr usage. Limit the Grindr frustrations.

Now, I wonder how many guys that say they are looking for love have actually found it on Grindr since I’ve been gone. If only I could just do a survey. Actually…if only I wasn’t such a bloody pessimist all the time I might actually have some luck in my love life. I swear I’m not this bad in real life. I swear. And if I am I like to think I’m just a realist? That’s ok, right?

Soo what’s in store for me in Sydney? Well, I guess it’s too early to tell. I love this whole writing thing, although it doesn’t come close to paying my rent and bills, so I guess first things first and I need to make this whole job thing my main priority. I get bored easily. I enjoy being busy. It’s been a week since I left that horrible horrible job and I’m bored. I like my routine and I miss my routine in Melbourne. However, I’m not too worried as I’m definitely employable. I’m a great employee. I’m dedicated, fun, creative and I always get the job done.

The other thing I want to concentrate on is branching out and diversifying my friendship circle. I have a good mix of straight and lesbian friends but I really don’t have many gay male friends in Sydney. While most of my friends in Melbourne are gay males I really don’t have that network here. I’ve always been somewhat afraid of Sydney gay’s – when I have decided to venture out of Newtown and into the big-bad-world of Oxford Street I seem to run into dramatics, over-the-top-ness and somewhat camp-ness. I like to think of myself as an easy going guy. I’m happy just sitting in a dingy bar having a few beers and having some laughs. I don’t need to look people up and down judging their attire or what brand their man-bag is, it doesn’t bother me. As long as you’re happy. I’m happy.

But it’s Britney bitch. And I get it. I’m ok with some sort of gay-ness. I’ll dance to a Britney song just as much as any gay. Maybe I do need to just find some gay mates, ban a month of Newtown bars and actually venture out into Oxford Street and be a homo. Do you think?

Well, it may not be Oxford Street but I’m am looking forward to the Heaps Gay party this Saturday night at The Lewisham Hotel, it should be a fun night and I haven’t attended one of their parties in several years so I’m sure it’ll be fun – I just hope I’m not the oldest person there! Ohhhh wait, it’s my best friends birthday and we’re going there to celebrate and she’s older than me – sorry Gin – but tick, I wont be the oldest!

Heaps Gay

I also read that it’s a fundraiser for Orlando which is a great initiative. Is anyone else going? If you see me, come and say hi. Buy me a drink or two. And FYI it only takes one roofie. Joking. It takes none.

On another note I also have my first visit, since returning, to the RPA Sexual Health Clinic tomorrow for my usual three-month checkup. Yep, it’s that time again! I’ve never been one to be embarrassed about sexual health checkups and if anything I find them informative and a little comical. I enjoy being in the waiting room and watching everyone avoid any sort of eye contact, sudden movements or loud outburst that could draw attention to themselves. It’s even worse when you first walk-in and notice that the one guy sitting in the corner of the waiting room is someone you’ve actually slept with. And most recently. It’s only happened to me a few times but I always feel like walking over and giving them a high-five and thanking them for being responsible and getting checked. But that would be completely inappropriate, right? And that’s only if he recognises you with clothes on. Awkward!

But as we all know you can never be completely sure if that eager guy on Grindr wanting that hot fuck is actually telling you the truth that he’s clean, negative and gets checked regularly. Soo boys (and girls) it’s your responsibility to get checked and I think it’s my responsibility to educate the guys that don’t get checked..often, or ever…on the process of how it all works – therefore this week I’ve decided to write a blog on how the entire process works, from start to finish. Hopefully it’s somewhat informative and explains to you how simple and easy it is. You might find it fun.

Well, that’s about it from me for now. If any of you have that perfect job that could interest me I urge you to get in contact – email me, email me now! I would prefer something engaging, fun, energetic, entertaining and something in sales and/or relationship management. I love people. I love managing other peoples relationships. Just not mine. If I had one.

Thats me over-and-out for now.


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