One Size Fits All…Apparently NOT!

I recently met a self-confessed size-queen. It got me asking a few questions, to myself, but I was unable to answer them all. It also got me asking whether or not the self-confessed size-queen measured his own dick and took that into account before judging others.

Or is this just merely another preference?

Now, first up I’d like to get one thing straight – I do not have a tiny dick. I’ve never had a complaint and if anything I’ve had compliments. I’m not stating this to show off, nor am I stating I’m huge. I’m not. After my research I’d say I’m above average – and I’m happy with my member. And I think everyone should be happy with what they have – no matter what it looks like, it’s size, shape, whether it’s cut or uncut or how well it works. If I had a tiny dick then soo be it – I’d learn how to use it and use it good. Or just learn to become a pure bottom [insert laugh].

This size-queen was in his late 20’s, white and reasonably good-looking. He was very upfront about his requirements and he asked my size within the first few typical Grindr questions. And seemed to accepted my answer. After having a brief discussion I found him to be too “cocky” for my liking and he seemed somewhat angry. Block.

It also got me thinking about another encounter I had a few years ago with an Asian guy in the Inner West of Sydney who was also a self-confessed size-queen – him being a total bottom. We got chatting and after awhile he came over for some “fun”. While enjoying ourselves I noticed that he was not very well-endowed and that’s putting it nicely. It didn’t really bother me, it never really does as I usually go for total bottom guys anyways.

I’ve slept with guys who know they have tiny dicks. Of course they do. Instead of being ashamed, they are proud bottoms and I like that. I like confidence and I like a guy who knows what he likes. But I don’t do cocky and I don’t do arrogant. But on the other hand I’ve also slept with guys who have been somewhat…large! One guy in-particular who was soo used to guys showing fear as soon as he got undressed that he warned me beforehand. After seeing the look of horror on my face while I stated “that is not going anywhere near me as there’s nothing I can do with that, I’m sorry” he replied with an amused look “I’m used to it, it’s one of the reasons why I’m a total bottom”. Phew [me].

Now, lets get down to the nitty gritty – averages and statistics!



In a Journal of Urology study (Dated: Mar 18, 2016) researchers found the following amongst their male subjects:

The average penis size is 8.8 cm (3.5 inches) when flaccid and the average penis size is 12.9 cm (5.1 inches) when it’s erect.

SHOCK HORROR! Can this really be true? Can someone who goes to the gym and sneaks peeks in the locker room please confirm this? Sluts, please rise to attention and tell me what you think!


Mens Health also did a story, based on a King’s College London study, which states the average size of a man’s dick is not as big as we all think. They explain that through 17 studies documenting over 15,000 men they found that the average flaccid penis length (from the base to the opening on the tip) was 3.6 inches and the circumference (measured around the base or mid-shaft) was 3.7 inches. When erect, the average penis swelled to 5.2 inches in length and 4.6 inches in circumference.

Soo, putting that into context; Guys in the 95th percentile for erect length—meaning out of 100 men, only five would have longer penises—measured about 6.3 inches. Men in the 5th percentile averaged about 4 inches. So anything between around 4 inches and 6.3 inches (when erect) would cover 90 percent of guys.

Well, there it is. Apparently and according to the studies and the image below Australian men fit the average length. Almost. Just. And does anyone care about the size of a flaccid dick? I certainly don’t.

How many of you would judge a guy by the size of his dick? Does it compenis-size-charte into consideration when deciding on a potential partner? And what makes someone a ‘size queen’ – do they have an unusually deep prostate therefore need a longer dick inside them or are they just superficial and possibly compensating for something? Or are we agreeing that it’s just yet another preference?

If you ask any guy the size of his dick he’s generally going to say it’s larger than it actually is. Society tells us that bigger is better. But through my experience I disagree. But then again, I’m not a bottom. But I do enjoy a nice looking proportional dick.

ATTENTION BOTTOMS: What’s your input? My previous flatmate, who was a pure bottom, told me on a number of occasions that no matter how big it is he’ll always give it a try. Ouch [again – that’s from me!] And no, I’m not saying that only bottoms can have an input but I do think most of these preferences and requirements come from bottoms and I can only imagine and speculate that a very large percentage of size-queens are bottoms. But I’m happy to be wrong.

Now, the above image does Asians no justice whatsoever. Asians don’t always have small dicks – I’ve seen some pretty reasonable ones actually and there are a few Asian tops out there [no joke!]. There’s no dick rules for being a top. I don’t think. I haven’t read the rule book. But if you are on the smaller side you just need to find a patient bottom and find what works for you.

Plus, if you do have a small or average (according to the above) penis or just generally unsure about your schlong…remember that bigger isn’t always better. No matter what some idiots say. Wherever you fall on the measuring tape, you can maximise the pleasure, for both, by picking the best sexual positions. Experimentation is the key.

Own your dick. Love your dick. And be proud of your dick.

Shane x


3 thoughts on “One Size Fits All…Apparently NOT!

  1. I always get asked this question on Grindr and I usually just respond with ‘Average’ because I haven’t measured since I was like 15 and still going through puberty. Am I one of the odd ones out for not measuring? I’ve never had a guy leave after I’ve taken off my pants, for being too big or too small though.


  2. Thanks for this article Shane. Turns out I should be more confident than I actually am about my penis size. As a penis-owner, it’s comforting to know I fall on the right side of average so that I don’t disappoint. But as a penis-connoisseur, I guess I like those that are like mine… Not huge, intact with foreskin, moist smooth glans, proportionally shaped head with a bull-nose ridged corona and super sensitive frenelum, straight and turgid shaft with one or two visible veins, trimmed public hair to the base of the shaft and a completely barren tundra on the testicles. Speaking of which, don’t underestimate the illusion of size that a nice set of low hanging testicles can give. Normally my balls are quite close to my body, but I’ve just spent the last week in Taiwan in the tropical humid weather and my nutsack is quite enjoying swinging in the breeze. The extra skin from a set of loosely hanging balls seems to make my penis grow further or at least look like it can.

    You know what, I’ve spent more effort in describing my penis in this comment than I put into describing myself in my Grindr profile. Haha. I guess I know my priorities.

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