Upon these Walls: Bigger, Brighter and Better!

I love art. I really do. But I’m certainly no art-wanker. I managed an art store in Newtown, Sydney for years and I have artwork around my house that continues to inspire me on a daily basis. I think art means different things to different people but I think we should all have art upon our walls.

If I may, and I certainly may because it’s my bloody blog, I would like to share a few of my favourites with you…so listen up!



First up is my good friend Antony Makhlouf who is undoubtably one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet – and that’s saying a lot because I think most people are cunts. He’s far from it. You’ll gaze into his eyes as he talks about something wondering how-the-fuck everything went right for him and how nothing went right for you. It’s embarrassing to say the least. [Or maybe it’s just me].

I worked with Antony in Newtown [Sydney] for a number of years before he cemented his name in Sydney’s art scene and I’ve gazed from Melbourne ever since. He has also gone on to host the children’s television show “Get Arty” screened nationally on the 7TWO network – a show for little shits about art, artists and art-making. He’s currently in Lebanon showcasing his work at the ‘Biennale of Contemporary Art‘ and has had too many other exhibitions to name simply because it makes me feel bad about myself and what lack-of-shit I’ve achieved in my thirty-something years.

Antony, you’re fucking amazing!

Antony Makhlouf

You can view and buy Antony’s work here or contact him here or stalk him here.


Secondly, I have to admit that I absolutely love Lora Zombie. Her work is absolutely amazing and while I only have one-or-two pieces around my apartment I’m in the process of purchasing more – I desperately need some extra large framed prints as features around my apartment.Lora Zombie

Born in some small town in Russia in 1990 she became an artist at a very early age. She’s now a top seller on the urban art scene and has had exhibitions in Los Angeles, Toronto, New York, Russia and the list is endless..

HIGHLY recommend you check her out!

Lora Zombie

You can view and buy Lora’s work here or contact her here or stalk her here.


Thirdly, I discovered Ruben Ireland about six years ago while sourcing art for the business I ran in Newtown [Sydney]. I fell in love with his dark visions of fairy tales and stories once told. Born in Amsterdam in 1987, Ruben now lives and works in the UK as an illustrator and I absolutely hate him due to his strengths and abilities (totally jealous) – I open Adobe Suite and have no fucking idea what to do – but I love him for transporting me to his dark and imaginary world. Addicted.

I mix traditional and contemporary techniques to create dreamlike images with dark textural elements and stark, contrasting tone and colour. Often depicting stoic women in minimalistic environments, balancing intricate detail with simplified form and distorted proportions. Many of the women in my personal work have half darkened faces. I like to keep the messages in my work open to individual interpretation because once the work is finished, it’s not for me any more.” – Ruben Ireland (Swide)

Ruben Ireland

You can view and buy Ruben’s work here or contact him here or stalk him here.

Hating your life yet..?


Fourth. I don’t really know much about this artist, apart from his name, but I get the feeling he’s one for the gays. You only need to look at his work to get a sense of who he is. Or who he might be. It’s kind of exciting not knowing much about him…I like it!

Or maybe I’m wrong. Maybe he just has a fascination with gay bears or a masculine body. Who cares, I find it arousing. And I think you all will too!

This ones for you Phil (my homo mate)! Saucy!


You can view and buy Mavekk’s work here or here or stalk him here or here. No jerking off while viewing please! Only joking, go for gold!


Fifth, is Silvia Pelissero, better known in the art world as Agnes Cecile, is a self-taught painter born in Rome, Italy in 1991. She has become very well known for her layered watercolored human portraits. Her abstract color and her detail is both emotional and raw – several of her works make me feel strange things but I enjoy it. I only have one of her prints in my apartment but it’s a feature in my lounge-room and I love it.

Agnes Cecil

You can view and buy Agnes’s work here or here or contact her here or stalk her here.


6th. Boneface is fun. Very fun. But, I must admit that I’m not really a fan of comics and superheros but his artwork, mainly due to it’s vibrant colors, really catches my eye and I think they are extremely fun to have on your walls. Based in Liverpool, he is also the longtime collaborator with band Queens of the Stone Age, having most recently completed the artwork to their recent album ‘Villains’.

He lists his interests as videogames / cartoons / comic books / crappy b-movies and while I’m into none of those I do find his artwork somewhat amazing and worth having. Plus, I am also a fan of QOTSA.

Boneface 1Boneface 2

You can view and buy Boneface’s work here or contact him here or stalk him here.


Seventh. I wanted to have an Australian artist on the list and this might be a bit of an odd one but it’s a funny one. I love animals so this is somewhat perfect. Animal Crew is possibly an artist you’ve seen before. Based in Melbourne and started as a side art project in 2012 his work is now readily available online and in art stores around Australia and internationally. They are bold, fun and creative.

Whatever your favourite animal is, you’ll probably find it in his shop. My favourites are the deer prints and the dog – my favourite animal.

Animal Crew

You can view and buy Animal Crew’s work here or here contact him here or stalk him here.


Love this guy’s work!

Last but certainly not least is Hidden Moves – the brainchild of Welsh artist and designer, Rhys Owens. He grew up in the decade of Rubik’s Cubes, Thundercats, and the ZX Spectrum, and nurtured his creative talents by decorating the faces of his sister’s dolls with a ballpoint pen. In later life, he began experimenting with photography, illustration, and digital 3D to create his own unique aesthetic. This includes the creation of a number of surreal characters that currently inhabit the Hidden Moves universe.

I have the one below on the left framed in my bathroom.

Hidden Moves

You can view and buy Hidden Moves’ work here or contact him here or stalk him here.

Here’s some more shit that I like… If you want to know what they are called or the artist’s name contact me. Now, get slut’n up your walls bitches!

Shane xx

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