Welcome to Bangcock!

Sawadee Khrap you big bunch of homos!

First up, I will hereby only refer to Bangkok as “Bangcock”, simply because I’m childish. Every time someone says “Bangcock” I can’t help but chuckle to myself. It’s funny, right?! It’s a funny name for my favorite city in the world, after my home town of Melbourne, of course, as it’s always kept me intrigued, kept me guessing and kept me on my toes – unless of course I fall victim to the terrible footpaths and fall flat on my fucking face, which I usually do, before quickly getting up, smile at all the Thais openly laughing at me and speed-walk in the opposite direction to where I was originally headed. Exit stage left as fast as humanly possible I tell myself, while focusing on my now fast and purposeful steps while dodging the enormous amount of human-size rats and cockroaches awaiting a feed.

Secondly, there’s such a misconception about Bangcock. People assume it’s the gateway to uninhibited sex, ladyboys, a seedy underworld, corruption and filthy-ness. Wrong. Sure, it has all those aspects if you dig deep enough but soo does every city – maybe except the ladyboys, however I’m pretty sure I’ve met a few ladyboys in Melbourne over the last few years. But every city has their secrets but Bangcock seems to be that one city that cops a bad rap and I hate it. Bangcock can be kind, the people absolutely beautiful, the history fascinating, the culture has me envious and it’s tourism industry is thriving. There must be a reason for it. It’s ability to shock you, and at the same time please you, is mesmerising….and no, I don’t mean please you in that way you filthy human beings.

“Bangcock”, soo I’ve been told, is the English name that’s easily identifiable and pronounced in the western world. It sure is within the gay community!
The correct local name for Thailand’s capital is “Krung Thep Mahanakhon Amon Rattanakosin Mahinthara Ayuthaya Mahadilok Phop Noppharat Ratchathani Burirom Udomratchaniwet Mahasathan Amon Piman Awatan Sathit Sakkathattiya Witsanukam Prasit” or “กรุงเทพมหานคร อมรรัตนโกสินทร์ มหินทรายุธยามหาดิลก ภพนพรัตน์ ราชธานีบุรีรมย์ อุดมราชนิเวศน์ มหาสถาน อมรพิมาน อวตารสถิต สักกะทัตติยะ วิษณุกรรมประสิทธิ์” if you can read Thai and it’s more commonly known as “Krung Thep Maka Nakhon” or just “Krung Thep” [กรุงเทพ] which also translates to “City of Angels”. Holy mother of bloody christ – that was some mouthful that I will not speak, read or type ever again – and no you big bunch of creeps, not that kind of mouthful………yet!
But hear me out, as I’ve often wondered this throughout my travels – who the hell came up with the name “Bangcock” – was it a bunch of local gays on a bender in Silom Soi 4 back in the 1700’s? Obviously! More than likely while singing karaoke upstairs in Telephone Bar….an institution! But more on that later, just sit back, relax, and read on..

Yes, I’ll admit, it’s somewhat a dirty city, it smells and it can certainly be full-on, and under no circumstance whatsoever do you go near or touch the water in the Chao Phraya River. BUT I always tell friends that you need to spend longer than forty-eight hours in the City of Angels (other than L.A.) to really feel it’s heartbeat and it’s roar. It’s a city not to be reckoned with. Seriously – don’t do anything wrong, nobody wants to end up in the notorious Bangkok Hilton – the prison that is [Bangkwang Prison], not the hotel – and not even you big punch of bottoms, who daydream of being holed up in a prison full of horny and willing men, would want this. I’ve read books on this prison and it literally sounds terrifying – your sphincter will shrivel up and will retire for all eternity after reading some of the stories I have! No more sphincter action…what would you all do?

You’ll either arrive into the beautiful Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK), if you’ve spent a little more and flying a major airline or if you’ve flown using a budget airline, you bunch of tight-arses, you’ll fly into Don Muang Airport (DMK). Both are international airports. My choice is Suvarnabhumi, for obviously reasons, and I never recommend Don Muang, unless you really have too, as it’s old and dirty and the taxi line can be long. Very long – I waited in a ticketed line for over an hour in December 2017. Now, that’s probably the last time I’ll get to say “long” during this post so lets hover over that for just a few minutes before moving on….looooong. Such a cunt I am, I know, and lucky they’re all bottoms [99.7%]. But sometimes you have no choice and sometimes, if you’re on a budget, it’s cheaper to just fly AirAsia. I have many times within Thailand and around South East Asia, [not long distance though] and they are fine – regardless of what you might hear or read – if your AirAsia wings fall from the sky above a Thai jungle and you’re never seen again, and eaten alive by a ferocious anaconda, please do not come and question me, I’m merely going from my personal experience of about thirty flights and never had any problems.

Now once you clear customs and get out of Suvarnabhumi it’s easy to get a taxi, just make sure you relax and follow the signs and ignore anyone trying to pursued you to follow them and get into their awaiting taxi – they can be convincing if you’ve just fallen off a long haul flight, your hair is ruffled and you look like an idiot farang [thai name for an foreigner] – never me of course! Just follow the correct signs to the taxi zone, get in line, tell the woman where you’re going and she’ll give you a ticket and organise a metered taxi for you. Your taxi driver will assist with any luggage, he’s sometimes smaller than your luggage, and get you into his, usually pink, taxi and away you go down the expressway – sometimes at two-hundred-kilometers an hour (joke, but it feels like it)! Now, you should be aware that there’s a few toll points on the expressway and this cost will be added to your metered fare at the end. It’s not much so don’t think you’re driver is ripping you off – everyone pays this so don’t be rude and kick up a storm – your holiday is only just starting and there’s plenty more time to be ripped off. Trust me.

Now, depending on what you want to do in Bangcock, I would highly recommend researching the different areas within the city and then decide where your hotel should stand. But it’s very easy to get around Bangcock as they have a really great BTS SkyTrain which costs next to nothing and goes every few minutes. It’s clean, reliable and air-conditioned. Thank Lil’Baby Jebus for the air-conditioning as it can get hot in Bangkok [whoooops I mean Bangcock], like very hot and humid and you’ll sweat your ass off constantly. You can also get in a metered taxi and it’s super cheap to go anywhere you want – I use taxis mainly as you can sit in the back, play with your phone while your taxi driver weaves in-and-out of the notorious, and sometimes not-too-bad, traffic.
Now to tuk-tuks – I no longer get these as they are no longer a novelty – I’m no longer a tourist when in Bangkok as I’ve been there soo many times that I now consider it my second home, plus I prefer the comfort of a metered taxi – I swear to god I’m not high maintenance, it’s just really hot in Bangkok and I sweat. If only the future love of my life would move there and I’d follow suit, no questions asked – I love South East Asia. But where is he?

I stay in Silom [slash] Sathorn. Usually Sathorn as it’s just outside the craziness of Silom and an easy walk down Convent Rd to Silom Road – where the crazy shit happens after sundown. I usually stay at the Urbana Sathorn or Somerset Park Suanplu Bangkok and both are quite nice but I do prefer Urbana. Both are an easy walk to some of my favorite rooftop bars and the gay nightlife, if that’s your thing. You really don’t need to spend much on hotels in Bangcock as there’s an unbelievable amount of options and you can get great deals on five-star hotels, and usually under one-hundred dollars a night, depending on the season.

However, my reasons for going to Bangcock are now different to what they were ten-years ago. I’ve grown out of my partying-every-night phase and I now look past all the never ending sex options that are in-your-face constantly no matter what time of day it is – straight (promise I’ll never say that again) or gay. On one particular visit a few years ago, after my last relationship ended, I got to my hotel and was checking-in and I randomly, and quickly, checked Grindr. By the time I had checked-in, got up to my room and opened the stupid app once again I had close to one-hundred new messages – ONE-HUNDRED – and I’m just your typical, average looking, no-six-pack whatsoever, white guy with no amazing features whatsoever. I remember glancing at my phone, noticing the messages and throwing my phone across the living-room while frozen with fear.
But I’m now somewhat used to the attention a white tourist (a farang) might get from local Thai boys, and while it can fuel your ego – if it’s new to you – it can also be overwhelming at times, and if you’re like me and don’t like to be touched when just going about your business, then you might find it hard. But you do get used to it, trust me, and you just have to roll with it and see the funny side. Laugh it off as you push their hands away or retrieve back your dick and balls from their prying hands that seemed to enter your pants at lightening speeds and faster than you can even think “Bang-cock”. I’ve also had guys throw themselves on me and stick their tongues down my throat before I’ve had the opportunity to put my reversing lights on mid-friend-conversation and back away. It can be alarming but it can also be humorous, except the kissing part, god only knows where that mouth has been and what it’s carrying – but this could be the case in any city around the world. First, simply tell them no, which most never ever seem to understand, and secondly just simply back away and they will give up eventually and move onto their next victim. After a few moments of getting your shit together you’ll laugh hysterically with your friends and that shiver up-and-down your spine will disappear. There’s also no use letting out a loud and obnoxious gay screech – the Thais are way better at this and your ears will cry in pain after several outbursts from Thais throughout a fun-filled and eye-opening night…

…I still constantly tell myself, Only in Bangcock.

Bangkok is great for numerous things, including shopping (my choice), food, partying, relaxing by a hotel pool and tourism. I’ve done the tourist thing many times over throughout my Thailand career, I’ve seen everything that I’ve wanted to see and I now go to shop, relax, and I can’t say no to a good party night if I’m already there. It’s cheap, the people are friendly and you can meet people from absolutely every corner of the globe. It’s definitely a fun city if you can look past the heat, humidity, the beggars, the cockroaches, rats and the not-soo-beautiful streets. But are they beautiful? I think soo..it’s a beautiful experience!

This, quite frankly, is a gay blog so it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t take you through some of my gay experiences. Sexually, I’ll keep those details to myself as it’s been a number of years since I’ve even seek’d that in my visit to this amazing city because there’s honestly more to Bangcock than sex! But don’t get me wrong, I’ve had sex with locals, expats and other holiday makers when in Bangcock – when you’re gay, single, on holidays and ready to mingle who doesn’t, right? In any city! And it doesn’t hurt being a top in a sea of bottoms. But not anymore and that’s ok with me, I have other things to do, and looking for Mr Right, rather than Mr Right Now.

On one of my typical nights out I’d head to any number of restaurants in the Silom area, whether it be just a quick bite to eat from within any number of restaurants on Silom Road, whether it be western food (Subway, KFC, McDonalds, Burger King, Pizza Hut, etc etc) or Thai food, absolutely everything is within walking distance. But I’d usually head to the Wine Connection restaurant in Silom Complex for a sit-down dinner and some wine /slash/ beer. The food here is actually great and will satisfy – I highly recommend it, but it’s not Thai food, although they might have some Thai options for those seeking that authentic choice – but probably not the right place for that though!
Food can sometimes be hit-and-miss in Bangcock but mostly that’s due to me being a vegetarian (shock horror) and I can’t handle any chilli nor can I eat from street vendors – yes, I’m a pussy – but other than that I’m pretty easy and I never eat three meals a day anyways (I’m clearly watching my figure).

At this stage of the night I’ve already dolled myself up in my beautiful shorts and t-shirt or shirt, so after dinner I’d head straight to Silom Soi 4, which is just a short walk up Silom Road. This is where the action happens before midnight – this is the place to be if you’re gay (or straight – I said it again, sorry) and looking for some fun – it’s the fun before the storm! While on your walk to Soi 4 you could also stop in at either Molly Malone or Flann O’Brien’s Irish Pub but I recommend just head straight to Soi 4 and get your night started – what the fuck are you waiting for?

Now, I wouldn’t blame you for having some anxiety when standing at the entrance of Soi 4 (Soi is a laneway) next to the band t-shirt stall and Sunrise Tacos. If you’re alone you’ll question what the hell you’re about to get yourself into and how you’ll possibly keep your dignity intact. You’ll question whether you have the balls to enter and sit alone until you can meet another desperate traveler in the same situation as you – but never fear, you’ll meet someone and then the rest of your night will be a complete blurrrrr. Trust me, I’ve completed this process many upon many times – but I do sometimes question my ability to fit into this overly stereotyped environment, I would never venture into these kinds of places here in Melbourne. But when on holidays! But if you’re with friends you’ll no doubt have no cares in the world and nothing will phase you, except it’s hard knowing which place to finally park-your-arse and order some drinks. My recommendation would be to start in a small drinking hole – my fav being Stranger Bar – then move to Telephone Bar or Balcony afterwards. Scope everything out, eye-fuck the Soi and watch the action and antics unfold before moving on. If anything it’ll be a great laugh. The Thais are very over-the-top, inclusive and great fun.

The tables outside Telephone Bar and Balcony will be packed full of all different types of gays, as well as many straights (yes, I said it again) looking for a good night – you can always count on us homos! This could also be the first time you witness, since arriving from the airport, however I doubt it, old farangs with young local boys or girls. They follow, they are usually obedient – although I’ve witnessed some great domestics – and they play their, depressing to us, part. Yes, it’s sad but you need to accept that it’s a way of survival for some, and not others – I’m an advocate for love and yes I do sometimes question the love in these arranged situations but it’s also none of my business and I carry on.

DJ Station

Drink, be merry, talk to strangers, have fun with the locals and once midnight hits then it’s time to move – if you’re keen to further your night that is – to a club – the gay club in Silom! DJ Station is located just up the road in Silom Soi 2. The Soi is filled with a few different venues but you’ll pass through security and at the very end is DJ Station. You’ll pay a small entry fee which usually gives you two free drinks and then move into the club and have a dance. But be aware. When you’re moving around, and if it’s really busy, you’ll be felt up and given the eye [if you know what I mean], from locals and other tourists – nobody here is shy. But relax and enjoy the experience, it took me awhile to do that but now I go with my arms in the air to have an amazing and debaucherous night – and I’m one that doesn’t really go to gay clubs!

Downstairs is the main dance-floor and then upstairs is a balcony which overlooks downstairs. Then there’s another back room with another bar and a cage. Yes, a cage! Get in it and dance your little heart out – I refuse to put up any of my photos! It’s a uninhibited club that’s extremely busy – I’ve been inside when I physically don’t think they could fit one more person inside and you’re jammed up against three other people and can barely breath, let alone move – but it’s fun! The sweaty bodies, the pop-tastic tunes and the energy inside DJ Station keeps you going. The only thing you can do is drink, dance and enjoy the experience.

songkrang-festival-gay-bangkok-3 Then once two-am hits it’s time to move on. Again. If you’re still going strong G.O.D Club is your end-of-the-night/morning club and it can get a little filthy and nobody, I mean nobody, is sober. Again, prepare yourself for it as it can get busy, loud and dark. I’ve had some bloody crazy nights here and walked out at god (no pun intended) knows what time of the morning to rush back to my hotel, close the curtains, and get into bed. Daylight is evil.

Then, like most, you do it all over again the following night. Any night of the week. It’s always busy. Songkran is also a great time to experience this but expect to get wet! It’s my favorite time of year to be in Thailand – there’s honestly nothing like it.

But if you’re not into the club scene then don’t worry. Just walk around and find some small bars to park yourself in for a few drinks. I once found this awesome small local bar on Suan Phlu Road in Sathorn that I sat in for hours upon hours with some mates which was an easy stumble home. There are literally bars everywhere and it’s definitely fun trying them out – stay for one then discover the next.

Also, most hotels will have nice bars that cater for tourists and some of my favorite rooftop bars in the world are located right in Bangcock and they will not disappoint.
I can’t name them all as there’s honestly too many, and I don’t want to sound like a travel blog, but here’s a few worth mentioning…

Park Society at the SO Sofitel in Bangcock (on Sathorn Road) is by far my favorite as it’s beautiful, casual and I could just sit, or lay, on a chair for hours drinking and picking at food. The hotel is only a few years old and it’s honestly beautiful. Walk in and head to the lifts and you’ll need to change lifts half way up. Then, on the 29th floor, you’ll reach Park Society. There’s also a great restaurant inside but I’d skip that and just head outside for a few drinks – eatings cheating! Or walk up the outdoor stairs and into the top bar which has some amazing views. Because it’s outside it’ll be hot and humid so dress casual but chic as I believe they have some sort of dress code. If you don’t give this place a try then you’re a bloody idiot!

Park Society Rooftop at Sofitel So Bangkok
Park Society, SO Sofitel Bangkok

Sirocco & Sky Bar is at the top of the Lebua State Tower. Its the world’s highest open-air bar (soo I’ve read) standing tall on the 63rd floor. Now, this isn’t my favorite but it’s worth mentioning as it’s beautiful, but certainly a tourist trap. I’ve had to wait in-line to get in here a few times as it was soo busy with tourists taking photos – annoying – stupid fucking tourists! Sirocco is the fine-dining restaurant inside, which I would skip as I’m not into a fine dining experience (I’d feel like a wanker), and Sky Bar is the outside bar (durrrrr). Just go up for the experience, order a drink at Sky Bar, take in the view, take a photo or two, and then get the fuck out. Once you’ve done it once you honestly don’t need to do it again. I think I’ve done it about six times now taking different friends, on different occasions, up. Not again! However, there was one time I went up and the Princess of Thailand was having a dinner party outside with friends. It was all very exciting, however I had no idea which one was her.

Sky Bar on the 63rd floor of the Lebua State Tower

Vertigo Bar at the Banyan Tree is a delight.  It’s on the 61st floor of the Banyan Tree Hotel and it’s definitely worth a visit. I’ve never eaten there but I have stayed for drinks and I would recommend it to anyone. But bogans beware, they are strict with their attire – smart casual but no shorts, sleeveless shirts, sandals or flip-flops. Save your best clothes for this place. Or simply don’t go and head to Soi 4 instead in your flip-flops and wife-beater.

Vertigo Bar at the Banyan Tree Hotel

Speakeasy, inside the Hotel Muse is also a great one – I highly recommend this. I’m pretty sure the below pictures will say it all but it’s located on the 24th & 25th floor of this boutique hotel. If you don’t get here while in town then you’re literally stupid. I haven’t spent very long here but next time I’m in Bangkok I’m going straight there to sit on the lawn, drink a COCKtail or two and watch the sunset. Then I’ll move to all the other drinking areas within this rooftop – Long Bar, Terrace Bar, The Blind Pig Cigar Lounge, The Rooftop Bar, The Lawn and three Private Domes. Ok, maybe I wont crash a private dome but I’ll check out all the other areas.

Asiatique isn’t a rooftop but it’s worthy of a note. It’s along the riverfront and you can catch the BTS SkyTrain to Saphan Taksin station (Exit 2) and then take the Asiatique shuttle boat or express boat along the river to the Asiatique dock. It’s got a big ferris wheel thingy which I highly recommend – it goes sixty-metres in the air – take your camera or use your phone. I recommend catching the boat there for dinner one night before heading back to Silom to cut loose. Just do not touch the river water people – make sure you sit in the middle of the boat – It’s. Fucking. Gross!


The shopping in Bangcock is amazing. It’s my favorite shopping destination – there’s seriously soo many options and you’ll want to constantly be in a shopping centre during a hot day. MBK is probably the most popular centre for tourists as it’s where we buy all the useless crap we cart home or buy as presents. Then, just up the road is Siam Discovery (my fav), Siam Centre, Siam Paragon and Central World – all within walking distance and each and every centre is different and worth a look. These are large shopping centres and I can’t imagine not finding a particular brand in one of these malls – they have everything. Honestly, spend a day walking around these malls and you’ll fall in love – they are amazing. The strip housing Siam Discovery, Siam Centre, Siam Paragon and Central World is definitely my favorite and I usually go to Paragon Cineplex when seeing a movie in Bangkok – don’t go anywhere else – it’s a great cinema!

Then there’s Terminal 21 which has some great local designers on the top levels as well as several well-known popular brands like H&M – it’s a very cute centre! Platinum Fashion Mall in Pratunam is a good centre if you want to buy local clothing for cheap. You can bargain here but it can be overwhelming and you may need an entire day to walk around and see each and every stall. But it’s not needed and it’s generally things you can just purchase on the street, such as along Silom Road at night, at a slightly higher price. But they market this centre as being wholesale. I think I’d rather buy on the street at night then be overwhelmed by this centre again – you’ll definitely needs drinks after your expedition.

Buying from markets and on the street can be fun. My recommendation would be to have fun with it and be prepared to walk away if you don’t want to pay a certain price – usually they’ll run after you and agree to your price anyways. But also remember, these sellers are trying to stay afloat and earn a living. Don’t be rude or insult them by offering some stupidly low amount of money – like us, they need to make a living, and they make a whole lot less than we do. My outlook now is: Do I need this item? Will I actually use it? What will I do with it when I get it back home? Usually the answer is a no – I do not need this item. T-shirts shrink the first time you wash them, the small wooden shit you buy will live in a drawer in your loungeroom and it may have seemed like a great idea at the time but is it really? But by all means – buy it and support a local stall holder.

All in all, Bangcock is a great city and one not to be missed. Make your visit a lasting one. Treat the locals how you like to be treated and when you’re able too, try and speak their language with them, they’ll love you for it. Travel around the city and if you’re staying in the Silom area also make sure you visit Sukhumvit also – which is mainly populated by tourists, but straight ones, and families.

Several tourist sites to explore while in town are;

Grand Palace – Self explanatory
Wat Arun – a HUGE Buddha
Khaosan Road – One for or young at heart
Wat Phra Kaew – A sacred buddha
Wat Pho – Another sacred buddha but home to the Temple of Reclining Buddha

There’s plenty to do, use Google or pick up pamphlets when you arrive or ask your hotel concierge.

Now to sex. Yes – sex – the fun part! Sex, if you need it – most of us do – is extremely easy to find in Bangcock – if that’s what you’re looking for. All it ever takes is a quick two-minute stint on an app, such as Grindr, to find a root – any kind of root and whatever kink you’re into you can usually find it pretty quick – and that’s if you didn’t take someone home from the club you visited the night before. Or maybe you need it again – who knows. But it’s certainly not hard for anyone and that’s a good thing – a healthy sex life leads to a longer life, soo I’ve told myself over the years. But remember, like in most Asian cities, and the world I guess, take precautions. For locals, getting tested in Bangcock, or Thailand for that matter, is probably not as easy as it is for us in Australia or any other first world country. Just be careful. But do it – it’s fun, you can meet locals and it’s definitely a load off your mind. But be kind, everyone has limits, no matter if their voice is smaller than yours or if they earn just a small portion of what you might.

Projected HIV

I’ve strategically placed the next paragraph within these two images for a reason….

Yes, I’ve been to Babylon before. For anyone that doesn’t know it’s a gay sauna, or a sex-on-premises venue for homos. They are also a hotel, they have a gym, swimming pool, spa and massage facilities (tug tug), a bar and of course the world famous sauna. I went once, years ago, when I was visiting Bangcock with my ex – at his request (honestly!). To say it was overwhelming is an understatement – it was packed full of locals and tourists and I could never feel comfortable. We didn’t stay very long as we were both being harassed, grabbed, touched and pretty much assaulted by everyone in the sauna areas who wanted our junk so I told him (the ex) that I was out’a there and, in his amusement, I swiftly left – with him trailing behind me more than likely disappointed. It’s honestly the one-and-only time I’ve ever been there and I think it’s actually too full-on for me and I don’t need to experience it again. Saunas can be full-on at the best of times, but Babylon was next level. But if you’re single (or in an open relationship – I do not endorse cheating) and looking for that type of experience then GO – it’s been voted the worlds best sauna a few times and it’s big and you’re probably guaranteed action. Goodluck!

Thailand HIV

Piiiiiing-Poooooong! If you’re looking for “that experience”, which I do not recommend as I find it awful and sad, and don’t know where to go, then just head to Phat Pong Soi 2 (Patpong) in Silom – next Soi down from Soi 4 – where you’ll find all these kinds of experiences, and more – or just get in a tuk-tuk and say “Patpong” and they’ll know exactly where to go. It’s a somewhat seedy Soi with markets running down the guts of it (Patpong Night Markets), and yes – I’ve seen a ping-pong ball shoot out of a woman’s pussy plus many more objects and stunts on a seedy stage in a dark and dingy club. Just beware, it’s not a fun or nice experience for you or them – they do not look happy or look like they are enjoying themselves on-stage. I’ve also seen live sex shows, gay and straight, which I find quite confronting and never need to see again. I’ve also sat down and had great conversations, many laughs and many drinks with lady-boys in Patpong as I find them interesting – not sexually – and a lot of fun. I recommend coming, seeing whatever it is that you need to see, buy a fake Rolex and then leave. But be respectful – these people are just trying to make a living and more than likely don’t have many other options.

I must also recommend that you all head to a restaurant in Sukhumvit called Cabbages & Condoms. Not only is the Thai food great but they promote the health and safety aspects of using condoms. How they display condoms in the restaurant is funny, plus you can take as many as you like for the night ahead. All proceeds from the restaurant is used to fund the social development programs of the Population and Community Development Association (PDA). You’ll be doing some good, before the bad later!

Thai people are generally friendly and hospitable people and easy to talk too. Most of them in Bangkok will speak some form of English, to a degree, or they will try – but remember that you’re in their country and English is not their first language so be patient. Give them the same respect as you would anyone else. Again, be nice – don’t be a cunt, you just give the rest of us a bad name!

Now, I feel like I’ve missed a tonne of information but if you have any questions or want more information on anything I’ve discussed, or anything else for that matter, you can just get in contact via email. But seriously – what are you waiting for – get online and book your Bangcock flights – but type in “Bangkok” not “Bangcock”!

Ohhh and don’t ever say anything negative about the royal family. You’ll get in trouble. Lots of trouble!

Enjoy BANGCOCK everyone!

Love Shane xx

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