Content Please!

Ok, first up, sorry for the lack of content recently and the lack of ideas. I’ve been concentrating on my manuscript “Within These Walls” therefore I haven’t had much time to focus on ‘Life Love Lube’ but I think this should change. But in order for this to happen I might need your help..

Content 1

..I need your help by letting me know what type of content you want to read, and if anyone would like to contribute to posts, stories or write some content of your own then get in-touch. However, the purpose of my blog is for it to be personal – if I had a dollar for every time someone told me I was the Carrie Bradshaw of Melbourne then it’d probably pay for my first beer today in South Yarra – however, let it be known I much prefer Samantha! But…..if you would like to contribute I would highly recommend reading my previous posts before contacting me – but I’m open to a discussion.

I entertain the idea of asking questions that the “soo-called-community” is not asking, talking about issues from a personal perspective or even just letting off some steam and frustration – no matter if you’re right or wrong, as long as it generates a discussion. Truth be told, I’m rarely right, I write from my heart and my VERY crazy head, which gets me into trouble sometimes, but I really enjoy hearing & reading peoples rebuttals and perspectives on my posts. It’s entertaining, gives me a laugh, and sometimes, just sometimes, it lets me see the other side of the coin, which I think is always important.

And yes, you can most definitely remain anonymous (front door is unlocked, lights out, cum in and go for gold all you willing bottoms [joke – obviously, durrrr] – there is absolutely no issue with remaining anonymous, I can be your face (apologies in advance, I’m now 36 and not getting any younger).

Sooo, you want to assist or have an idea about a post? Then bloody email me already, stop whinging to your “girlfriends” or your mates about shit you hate, or things that annoy you – stop me in the street, in a bar, or hunt me down on social media & let me know – Facebook, Instagram, or the aggressive Grindr, Jack’d that barely ever works or the hilariously silent Tinder. For those that have my number – just text or whatsapp me and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Love & frustration,

Shane Cunningham

PS – I also think it’s time for ‘Life Love Lube’ to have a bit of a facelift – I’ll work on some cosmetic surgery very soon!

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