The Gays Are Revolting

Ther Gays Are RevoltingYes, the title is correct people – The.Gays.Are.Revolting!

But in a good way. A fun way. A hilarious way, and now in a not-soo-new medium – Podcast-ing.

I’ve been listening to podcasts for the last four-to-six months since my best mate Dan started me on the incredible The Teachers Pet and Casefile due to our shared love of true crime. Then came Canadian True Crime, as told by an Australian living in Canada, Sword and Scale and Serial Killers. We’ve been to seminars and walking tours for Australian True Crime with Meshel Laurie & Emily Webb, guiding us around the Pentridge Prison site in Coburg, and our last expedition being an intimate and interesting afternoon with Hedley Thomas, the host of The Teachers Pet.

(Beware, I am not (yet) a serial killer, but if you fuck me off long enough I now know how to kill you, and dispose of your body, in a way that I wont get caught. Think late night shopping centre carparks with public toilets or Belanglo State Forest. Ohh wait, that’s been done and one of them was caught. Think carparks again. I’ll meet you there).

But, because I’m trying to become a better gay in 2019, a few weeks ago while deathly ill I came across a different type of podcast. A gay one. By no means do I believe I’m the best gay in the world, quite far from it if I’m being completely honest, but in order for me to progress as a single gay man in my mid-30s, and maybe meet someone, I need to learn what the kids are talking about in 2019 and become acquainted with all the lingo….and quite literally, The Gays Are Revolting has me hooked. The four hosts are – Tom; a well-connected Melbourne homo who also doubles as a granny and lives for rimming, Luke; a handsome half-Asian that can grow quite decent facial hair, Kyle; a devilishly handsome man I’d give anything to run into down a dark alley, and Mykiii; an alternative queer that looks like he has some serious flair.

The Gays Are Revolting is a definitive weekly news source for contemporary gays. We bring you a healthy dose of smutty lovemaking stories and trivial pop culture nonsense, without all that hetero hoopla. We put the G in LGBTIQA+, and we’re here to help you be the best G you can be.

The show seems like it’s possibly lead by Tom, the ex-boyfriend of Josh Thomas and best friend of Joel Creasey (who drops in as a guest host), but each bring their own uniqueness and life experience to each episode. Whether it’s the sometimes innocence of Kyle or the age experienced Tom (at only 32), whatever it is, it’s fuck’n enjoyable!

Ther Gays Are Revolting 2
(L-R) Tom, Kyle, Mykiii & Luke

I’ve started from the very beginning, their first show, and I’m making my way through the back-log of episodes until I’m freshly caught up with all you other homos, but as I get closer and closer I feel the anxiety surfacing as I wont have these four guys, and fresh episodes, on demand anymore. Fuck. The anxiety is real people!

As I listen each night on my nightly walk around my suburb with Tully, or strangely while I write my book, I find myself laughing out loud (LOL) at their humor, their personal stories and their take on anything current. Their sexual exploration, their take on the community and their views on Australian politics make for a great show – and I’m actually learning a lot. And you’d be forgiven if you thought they had known each other for years – apparently not – with their executive producer Dan Gregg at Lipp Media, doing a great job in bringing this team together. Love.

Tully Walk
Tully and I on our nightly walk around Carnegie. He loves “The Gays Are Revolting” just as much as I do!

On a personal note though, something that I have always struggled with is fitting into the community and finding my people. I’m probably not your typical homo. I don’t attend gay bars or clubs on a weekly basis, I actually find them quite frightening, and most of the music I listen to in my loungeroom, or my car, isn’t Kylie or Cher. But I do yearn for that little bit more. With most of my experience coming from within the Sydney scene, and leaving a bad taste in my mouth (no pun intended), 2019 has to be the year that I step outside of my comfort zone and become a better gay…and this podcast makes it that little bit easier. The gay world can be a scary place – even for gays!

Soo until you catch me on the dancefloor of Sircuit strutting to Kylie with my amyl bottle under my nose (ohhhh I love this!), you’ll find me with my headphones on, my eyes no longer glued to Grindr [thank fuck’n christ], and me immersing myself in the these four gentleman that are The Gays Are Revolting….annnnnd I think I’ve become a little more gay-er since…and I think I like it.

Lipp Media, the brainchild behind this show, and other shows such as Word of the Gay, Queers and the now defunct Cher and Retweet and Popchops, seems like they are on the rise and I cannot wait to hear what shows they have penned for the rest of 2019, and beyond. Lets just hope they continue to produce engaging and entertaining podcasts for everyone in-and-out of the community, that start discussions and engage conversations.

But do yourself a favor, no matter where you are in the world, listen to The Gays Are Revolting on Apple here and Spotify here and you can also follow them on Facebook and on Instagram.


Shane (& Tully)

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