About Me

Face PicNAME: Shane Cunningham
AGE: 35
HOMETOWN: Melbourne, Australia
STATUS: Gay | Single & Ready To Mingle
FAVOURITE GENRE: Rock/Alternative/Pop
FAVOURITE CITY: Bangkok, Thailand
FOOD: Vegetarian | Thai Food
PREVIOUS HOMES: Adelaide, Sydney, Vancouver and London
OBSESSIONS: Silverchair, Daniel Johns, Travel, Film, Music, Allen’s Lollies, My Friends

WEBSITE: www.shanecunningham.com.au
EMAIL: shane@shanecunningham.com.au

Hey Boys (& hopefully Girls), I’m Shane.

I’m a 35yr old gay (top, if you must know) guy currently living on the south side of Melbourne…but I prefer the north side. I’ve been living here since September 2016 and over the last few years I’ve split my time between both Melbourne and Sydney. I have a love affair with both but my heart is at home in Newtown (Sydney’s Inner West) where I spent most of my adult years. To some degree Newtown will always feel like home – it’s where my best friends live, it’s where I’ve partied the most and it’s where I’ve grown as a human being. I spent my younger years growing up in the country in South Australia and have also lived in Vancouver as well as London during my adult life. I’ve traveled throughout Canada, the USofA, Mexico, the UK, Indonesia, Vietnam and have visited cities such as Prague, Phnom Penh, Paris and many many other cities. Not to mention I’ve been to Thailand about 20 times! Seriously. And not for the sex trade!

I have a very keen attraction to Daniel Johns and I seriously go weak at the knees for him. Or maybe I’d just get on my knees for him! Who wouldn’t, right? Look at him..

Daniel Johns 2

I really enjoy writing and over the last few years it’s become a hobby of mine – I find it extremely therapeutic, no matter what obstacle I find myself tangled in.
I wrote my first piece for SameSame in October 2015 on what seems to be a lack of dating in the gay community and I really enjoyed the response – The Good. The Bad. And I guess the Ugly. I write from my own perspective and I make no apologies for it. I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s always the right perspective but it’s my own perspective nonetheless – love it or loathe it. Your choice – it doesn’t bother me, I just hope each and every story generates some sort of discussion no matter what your view – prove me wrong if need be.

While I admit I’m no expert in the gay community, I don’t think you necessarily need to frequent gay clubs, gay bars and gay venues to be somewhat a little educated in the gay world, or to have an opinion or view. I have many gay friends, straight friends with gay contacts – whatever that means – and I can’t say I haven’t been to a few gay bars in both Sydney and Melbourne because I’ve probably been to them all…not to mention many around the world. While living in Brunswick in Melbourne and if I decided to go to a gay bar it’d probably be Sircuit, or when I’m having a late one, and trying to dance, it would be The Peel. However, you’d usually find me in a beer garden in a Brunswick or Fitzroy pub, like Howler or Naked For Satan, or seeing a live band somewhere.

While I’ve mostly based myself in Newtown over the last ten-or-soo-years you’d usually just find me in a Newtown bar downing beers with my best-est friend Gin. Yes, that is her name, short for Virginia. It’s rare that you’d ever find me on Oxford Street but I’d give it a go every now and then when in need of a big night out.

While I may generalize in my posts, I’ll generalize from my own personal experiences and from those generalizations I’ll stereotype for arguments sake. While I’m probably the first to admit I’m not perfect – I don’t think any of us are – my posts will be based on my frustrations, interests, fears and experiences.

I’ve put myself in some shit situations with guys and I probably give too much away too fast, which as we all know, guys don’t really respond to. SEX SEX SEX – thats what they seem to respond to…and don’t get me wrong, I’m no different, yes – I’m a sexual being with needs and adore sex. Yes, that was probably another “generalization” but from my experience, and with me being an upfront and honest guy who always wears my heart on my sleeve, I’m determined to not change that. For anyone.

My last gay relationship, yes I’ve been in relationships with chicks before, lasted approximately 4 years. I ended it 5 years ago as it probably wasn’t the healthiest of relationships and I think I dragged it out longer than I probably should have but in my own way I loved him but I was never really sure he loved me back. For several reasons I needed to walk away. Not an uncommon story, I know.


My problems, fears and frustrations are common, I’m not the only guy to go through them and I wont be the last and if any of my writing resonates with any of you then so be it. Great. If not, then so be it also, I’ll put it down to my own personal experience and hopefully get your advice along the journey. I’m keen to listen, learn, understand different perspectives and educate myself on things I have no fucking idea about.

I’m a semi-confident guy. I don’t really have any hangups and I’m generally happy in life. I laugh lots and I believe I have the best friends in the world, not to mention a great supporting family – lucky, I know! I most certainly don’t take myself too seriously and you wont find me in a corner crying and cursing the world because I don’t have a partner – I’m not desperate..I’m sure he’s out there somewhere….I think….ohh god, I’m starting to give up hope!

I’ll ask questions. I’ll give my views. I’ll share my experiences. I hope you will also.. Agree or disagree. Be argumentative. Swear. But don’t abuse anyone for having a different view to your own. We all have our own path and sometimes make irrational and bad decisions, after all we’re only gays.

Shane Johns (Whoops, I meant Cunningham, right?)

Daniel – if you’re reading this, email me!!