Content Please!

Ok, first up, sorry for the lack of content recently and the lack of ideas. I’ve been concentrating on my manuscript “Within These Walls” therefore I haven’t had much time to focus on ‘Life Love Lube’ but I think this should change. But in order for this to happen I might need your help.. ..I … More Content Please!

A Final Trip..

Suostei សួស្តីសម្លាញ់ everyone! That’s Khmer for “hello”, and yes I did use an online translation tool for that because I don’t speak Khmer and it still might be slightly wrong – apologies to the Cambodian people. I use the Cambodian language simply because next week I’m heading back overseas and heading to Cambodia again for … More A Final Trip..

Welcome to Bangcock!

Sawadee Khrap you big bunch of homos! First up, I will hereby only refer to Bangkok as “Bangcock”, simply because I’m childish. Every time someone says “Bangcock” I can’t help but chuckle to myself. It’s funny, right?! It’s a funny name for my favorite city in the world, after my home town of Melbourne, of course, as … More Welcome to Bangcock!

A Painful Heartbreak

Relationships are cunts. Please excuse my french, I’m in no state to watch my mouth today. We all know it. Don’t kid yourself thinking you’ll be with your partner forever because forever really doesn’t exist. Things end. There’s always an ending in this day and age. Soo it seems. Yes, you might be right in … More A Painful Heartbreak